"Way of the Concealed Carrier"

For the Beginner to the Advanced, a Guide to the Lifestyle of Carrying a Concealed Firearm


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What is “Way of the Concealed Carrier”?

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Learn about the day to day lifestyle of a concealed carrier

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Are You an American Samurai?

Excerpt from the book “Way of the Concealed Carrier”

AMERICAN SAMURAI (Definition):  a new generation of responsibly armed American’s of any age, ability or disability, who have chosen the lifestyle to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves and their loved ones.  This armed-citizen goes through periodic training and education, year after year, living and walking the path, learning the way of the concealed carrier.    An armed individual that carries every day (when legally possible) and lives by the Concealed Carry Creed.

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Do You Live by the Concealed Carry Creed?

Grandpa “G’s” Concealed Carry Creed ©

“I have made the choice to not to be an average person, but to be a silent warrior that walks upon this earth.  I am a mother, a father, a son or a daughter that respects this precious gift of life that we have all been given.  I never reveal my weapon to anyone unless it is my last resort to protect myself or others.  I am the protector of the innocents until help arrives.   I am the gray ghost that is always on alert, never judging others, never looking for trouble, but remaining silent in the background, never sharing my secrets to the masses.  I am just a shadow, blending into the landscape, never broadcasting that I am a victim.

Perseverance and discipline are my best friends, ever moving forward, always challenging myself to improve my skills through constant studying, training and practicing while obeying the firearm universal safety rules.  As a warrior, I do not seek trouble, but instead avoid it, knowing that I am not a coward, but wise in my decisions.  I try to avoid situations that would put me and others at risk and in a position to use lethal force.  I am not a superhero, or immortal, nor do I seek heroism. I am but a humble …………………………”.

Read the other two paragraphs of the Creed in the book “Way of the Concealed Carrier”

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“Way of the Concealed Carrier Blog”

Since Many Topics Could Not Be Added to the Book (Space Limitations),

They Are Located Here Along With Other Topics for Our American Samurais

Reholstering with Extreme Caution

How quickly do you reholster?  Have you ever had an accidental discharge while reholstering?  Where is your muzzle pointing after you reholster? I have been reading several stories about people[…]

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Firearms and Moving

Are you about to move to a new home?  Have you got everything planned out?  Do you know what to do with your firearms?   There will be a time[…]

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Shots are Fired… So Where is Your Firearm?

Where is your firearm right now?  Do you carry it all the time?  Do you keep it locked away in your vehicle to retrieve later when there is danger? There’s[…]

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Comments From Our Readers

What people are saying about the book “Way of the Concealed Carrier”.

“I am new to concealed carry and this is the type of book I was looking for. It has really helped me with my day-to-day activites while being armed.”
Thanks “G”

Jane A.

“I really liked the information you presented about dating, sex and firearms.  It was funny.  Keep your O-faces on!!”

Joe J.
average joe

“A lot of great information, especially how to build your own target stand. I am glad that someone finally nailed it when it comes to living the life of an American Samurai”

Robert M.