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Way of the Concealed Carrier

The Concealed Carry Lifestyle Guide for Our Modern Day American Samurai
Authored by Grandpa “G”





As a responsible armed citizen, your lifestyle is definitely going to change and in this book you’ll learn about this new way of life you’ll be living every day. Instructors and students will find this an excellent resource for living the life of a concealed carrier. This book will provide tips and tricks, along with feeling more comfortable in carrying a firearm, plus tackling some of the daily things you may run into while being armed. No matter if you’re in a constitutional carry state, about to get your permit, or already carry a firearm, this book is for you.

In this book, you’ll Learn…..

What is an American Samurai? Why You Should Carry a Round in the Chamber. How to Pass a Firearm to Someone. How to Prepare for the Lifestyle Changes Associated with Carrying a Sidearm. About Sex and Firearms. How to Keep Your Pants From Falling Down in a Public Bathroom While a Firearm is Attached to Your Hip. About What Options You Have While You’re Pregnant and Carrying a Firearm. How Not to Become a Target for Criminals. To use the T.A.N.K.© Safety Rules that Will Save Your Life and Others when Handling a Firearm. About Off Body Carry and if it’s Worth it. How to use the Ancient “No Mind” Technique from the Orient to Decrease Your Draw Time. How to do the Situational Awareness Meditation to Increase Your Perception Around You. How to Dress for Success before a Gunfight. If You Need Concealed Carry Insurance and What Questions to Ask in Finding the Right Insurance for You. The Concealed Carry Creed.© Additional Information and Techniques to Help You (the Modern Day American Samurai) with Your Day-to-Day Lifestyle of Carrying a Sidearm.

Also Learn the Mistakes of Other Armed Citizens When Using a Firearm by Taking our Quiz of Scenrios Ripped from Actual News Reports.

Fear not and don’t panic. Grandpa G’s “Way of the Concealed Carrier” starts where concealed carry classes left off. When “G” took his first concealed carry classes to get his permits, he had more questions than answers. Many of the topics discussed in this book were never taught in class but learned from others, training, and through trial and error. In some of these permit classes, they teach you the law along with other concealed carry topics, but they never teach you about the daily lifestyle of carrying a firearm. Carrying a sidearm is no easy task when starting out. But learning more about being a responsible armed American Samurai will help eliminate the many fears associated with this new type of lifestyle you’ll be adopting for years to come.


ISBN/EAN13: 0986392847 / 9780986392849
Page Count:  342
Binding Type:  US Trade Paper
Trim Size:  6″ x 9″
Language:  English
Published: 2018 / Early Release Dec. 2017
Printed in the USA