Are You Compromising Yourself?

Are You Compromising Yourself?

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When I am out and about, I like to watch other people to see if they’re carrying a firearm on their person. For one, it’s kind of fun to determine how well others are concealed. It’s also a great game of “What If” and it helps train your situational awareness. I have spotted several people who carry concealed on my walkabouts.

Those who attract themselves are those who fidget with their sidearm or they keep checking it. Others are so relaxed with theirs that they will put their hand on top of their sidearm while it remains in the holster. While they do this it prints through their shirt or you can see that their hand is resting on something. In some cases, it sure doesn’t look like a cell phone strapped to the hip.

I find myself sometimes resting my hand on my sidearm, on my hip, when I am at home talking to family members. It’s just a place to rest the arm and to be honest it’s comfortable and feels natural. But I have to check myself when I am outside the home to make sure I am not touching my sidearm or fidgeting with it if it becomes uncomfortable.

I was at a Home Depot during the holidays and I noticed a young man walking around shopping. He was a skinny guy with his shirt hanging out. You could not determine if he was carrying or not. But he would stop in an isle and stare at an item on the shelf, place his hand on top of his sidearm, and you can see the butt of the firearm printing while he did this. I saw him do this several times. I kept bumping into this guy while shopping and he kept doing the same thing unaware that I could see his sidearm.

If someone was a criminal or wanted to start being one at that moment, this would be the opportunity to retrieve that firearm.

You’re probably asking yourself.. “Would it be wise to inform this person?” Personally, I would not. I don’t know this person. I would probably start off the conversation wrong and it could get embarrassing or this person could be wanted and I just opened myself up to a whole new situation. Remember, criminals have access to the same gear as you do. You may assume they are the good person since they have a firearm strapped to their side, but you could also be wrong.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed“!!!