EDC Wear and Tear on Your Furniture and Car Seat 

EDC Wear and Tear on Your Furniture and Car Seat 

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Do you carry your tools daily?  Have you ever discovered a new hole in your car seat or furniture?  What can you do about this? 


It was spring time and I decided to clean my vehicle.  I needed to get rid of the salt on the floors from the winter, clean the interior and exterior along with making sure there was enough fluids (oil, break fluid, radiator, etc.) in the vehicle.  While I was trying to remove stains out of the seats, I noticed some good size holes in the drivers seat.  After examining it, I was wonder where they come from? 

After looking at the areas of the holes, I noticed that they lined up with the gear I carry on my belt.  Over the years, my Every Day Carry (EDC) was slowly rubbing the fabric of the chair and it finally made a hole.  I also wondered if this was also having an impact on my home furniture.   

I don’t want to change the locations of my gear since these are strategically placed.  Plus if I moved them, they may create additional holes in my seat.  The only resolution I could come up with was to cover the seats.  So I went out and bought some seat covers.  Now this is not going to stop the holes from being created again, but at least there is some sort of protection for the seat for a limited time.   Now I will have to keep an eye on this and when the holes start forming, I’ll end up just replacing the seat cover.   

If you have a new vehicle, purchasing seat covers would be beneficial, especially when it comes to stains.   

I have modified the seat cover and attached some padding to the backside of the car seat fabric.  You can go to one of those craft stores and find some thin foam.  Try about a quarter of an inch or some other soft fabric, you can attach it to the seat or the backside of the seat cover with double sided tape or velcro and this should help with reducing the chances of creating holes in your seat.  You may even find some fake leather that is sturdy and attach this to the seat cover fabric.  I have seen some that have one side that is sticky, but could not find it at the store I was visiting. 

Everyone will be different on where they carry their tools, but you want to make sure that the padding is large enough to cover the tool and the area that your body would be moving around within the chair. You may have to experiment with this since you may feel the padding while seated and it may drive you crazy for a short while, you may not notice it at all, or you may have to change the thickness to accommodate.  You don’t want to be driving and be uncomfortable at the same time.  

You may also find another solution.  So if you’re going to carry tools daily, you’ll have to keep an eye on where they are pressing up against in your chair and make sure its not going to create any damage, especially if you have leather seats.  Repairs can get expensive. 

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!! 

Grandpa “G” 


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