Firearms and Moving

Firearms and Moving

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Are you about to move to a new home?  Have you got everything planned out?  Do you know what to do with your firearms?


There will be a time in your life where you will have to move.  If you’re not a very organized person, things can get real crazy, especially after you move and you’re trying to find your stuff.  Moving sucks and I haven’t met a single person who has jumped for joy about the moving process.  If you’re single, you might have less stuff than a couple who have merged their assets together and have collected crap over the years.  Personally, I hate moving.

Before you move, you’re going to have to figure out the firearm situation and it all depends how many you have.  You may even have a big gun vault that was a pain in the ass when you first got it when it came to moving and installing it in your special location at your old home.  Are you going to move the safe or just leave it with the current house or upgrade to another one at your new home?  Moving safes takes a lot of planning, depending on the weight and size.  Will your new home accommodate for the current vault or will you have to buy another one?  If you keep your old one, how are you going to move it?

Do all of your firearms have locks?  They should, especially when transporting.  Any firearm that I am not using at that time is locked for safety reasons – no excuses.  If you’re moving within your state, remember you will have to follow the law in moving your firearms.  If you’re going across state lines, you will have to follow the law for each of those states you pass through.  Will you be loading up your firearms in a moving truck or will you be taking them with you in your own vehicle?  I personally take them in my own vehicle, locked up per the law and take them to their new home.  I don’t want them disappearing during the move and then worry about what will happen next.

Do you know where you will be storing your firearm(s) in the new home?  If your move will take a few days or more, you may want to consider moving you firearms to your new location first and make sure they are locked up and secure.  Since I have people helping in my move, those firearms are locked up and hidden away from prying eyes and curious hands in preventing anything from disappearing.  Plus, I don’t want anyone coming back to the home looking for those firearms.  If they do not see any gear related to firearms, they will not be visiting me in the middle of the night looking for them in my home.

Any time I move, the firearms are moved first before anything else because I want to make sure they are secure.  If I move to another state, my firearms are packed first and they are the first things unpacked and locked up at the new location.  You don’t want to be looking around and wondering, gee… What box is that firearm in?  If you have many firearms, keep track of your inventory and double-check it after you arrive in your new home so you’re not missing anything.

Another thing I do before the move is to clean all my firearms.  It’s a great excuse to make sure everything is in tip top condition for its next new home and it also gives me time in planning things out by writing it them down so I don’t forget something before, during and after the move.

Good luck with your move and enjoy your new home.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!

Grandpa “G”

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