Shots are Fired… So Where is Your Firearm?

Shots are Fired… So Where is Your Firearm?

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Where is your firearm right now?  Do you carry it all the time?  Do you keep it locked away in your vehicle to retrieve later when there is danger?

There’s a story coming out of Oklahoma, at a restaurant near Lake Hefner (Louise Grill & Bar), where a gunman shot 3 people.  The people that saved the day where two armed citizens that ended the threat.  These heroes did not know each other, but they ran to their vehicles to retrieve their firearms to end the threat when shots were being fired.  I am very happy that those who were shot will live to see more days, but the gunman is pretty much toast.  But, here is the problem….. They had to go to their vehicles to retrieve their firearms.  Plus their firearms were locked in their trunks.  “No Gun” signs do not have the force of law in the state of Oklahoma (at this time) and I believe that it is legal to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol.

I don’t know why they were not carrying inside the restaurant, but if you’re going to live the life as a concealed carrier, you’re going to need your tool with you almost around the clock, every day.

If you’re going to conceal carry and the law allows it in places you visit, take your firearm with you.  If these guys had it on them, things would have been different of course, but if this person was already indoors blocking the exit and shooting up the place, they would have had no chance in retrieving their firearm from their vehicle.

As a concealed carrier, you should have it on you all the time in places where you can legally carry.  If you can’t carry in some places, don’t go to those places, unless you really have to (like taking your kids to school where it is not legal to carry).  It takes time to access your firearm and you should have a grip on it in seconds and not minutes away, unless you’re faster than a speeding bullet.  Always carry if possible.  And of course, always have a round in the chamber.  If not, this could add seconds and you may not have that time available to you.  Kudos to those heroes in saving lives at this restaurant.  I am so glad that the tables didn’t get turned on them.

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!

Grandpa “G”

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