Relearning Routines After a Move

Relearning Routines After a Move

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Do you know where you will be securing your firearms after you move? Does the new place need some improvements on security? Does your family or those you live with up to date on the new changes in your security plan?  Are you still continuing your firearm training?

You just moved to a new place and there are boxes everywhere. Your world feels like its been turned upside down and your trying to find those personal items that you need on a daily basis to survive the day. We all have routines, but sometimes we forget them when we are in a new environment. Routines usually get forgotten if they are not continued right away. They get squashed for a period of time until you have completely moved into a new place due to all the unboxing and trying to organize things. I have had to put routines on the shelf until I have settled down in a new place and during the down time I discovered that I also needed to create some new ones.

While I am looking at places to live, I always keep in the back of my mind a list of things I am looking for in my new home. How’s the security? Where are the windows located and how easy access are they to a burglar? Do the doors need to be fixed to prevent them from being kicked in? Where will my firearms go (locked up safely) and what strategic locations are they hidden to protect my domain and those in it? There’s a lot to think about. You don’t want a place where someone can walk in and walk out with a firearm or two.

If there are people in your current home and they will moving with you to the next location, you may have to rehash your home protection plan. Since routines my be forgotten after the move, you’ll have to bring up the high priority ones when it comes to the safety of your family. Have they forgotten the keywords if someone is under duress to let those know around them that there is a threat? Do you have a location where everyone can meet if the family is separated by a natural disaster or if an intruder gets the family separated since they are trying to reach safety? What plan do you currently have in place that needs to be adapted for the new home? Is your new home in need of an alarm system? Will each accessible window or door have an alarm on it?

I have to review the new and old plan with those I live with since with a new home, they tend to forget the basics. Like lock the door behind them when they enter or leave. Keep you situational awareness on while in the new home and outside of it. Keep your phone on you while outside the home (including gardening work) so if there is an emergency, you can reach 911. Keep your concealed carry permit on you (if required by law) when you’re carrying inside and outside your home.

Some people tend to forget the old routine of carrying a firearm inside their homes once they moved due to all of the chaos. Don’t make that mistake. You always want to remain cautious in a new home for a while. As I have mentioned in my book before (Way of the Concealed Carrier), anyone can show up to your home. Like the previous owner may have had a checkered life and they moved suddenly to avoid someone. Now some stranger is at your door demanding money, drugs, or something else and you won’t have a clue about what’s going on. It could be a disgruntled employee looking up their old boss and they decided to plan a visit because they were pissed off because they were fired. Or those before you had valuables that others have heard about, but they did not know the owners moved and they are now intruding in your home. Again, being new in the home and area, keep your caution level on, just in case some weirdness happens.

You can have the best security system in the world, but if those you live with are not following protocol, then your system will have chinks in its armor. For example, if someone leaves a door unlocked, or don’t close doors, or leave outside lights off at night, it will not prevent someone from entering your home. So make sure after your move, that everyone gets reminders about the changes and make sure your firearms are properly stored away and locked (safe or trigger lock) to prevent anyone from taking them or using them against you.

Some moves for people will take a long time to settle into their new homes and others can do it in a few days.  Don’t forget your training and maintain your routines.  Once you forget doing these, it could be weeks later and you have to get yourself back into your routine and this can take some time to do this.  Congratulations on your move and enjoy your new digs!!

Be safe out there, be the responsible firearm owner and always follow the “Concealed Carry Creed”!!

Grandpa “G”

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